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New Beginnings worships

The real JESUS

Who builds authentic COMMUNITY


On His MISSION in spreading the good news of life, hope, and peace


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Community Life

We emphasize low-impact, accessible activities to foster everyday community. Coffee chats, meals together, BBQs, walks in the park, and more are all examples of our emphasis on building community and discipling through it.

Ministry on Mission

We desire to take the church to the community while also inviting the community to the church. Rather than church simply being an event or place to come, we are the body of Christ in the community.

All of Life Gospel Centeredness

The gospel is not only good news for the lost, it continues to be good news for the people of God as we have been, are being, and will be saved. Everything we do is shaped by the good news of Jesus Christ.

Biblical Discipleship

Helping one another grow in Christ following the Bible’s pattern of who we are (indicatives) informing what we do (imperatives). We do this by living life-on-life in community, not primarily through programs. 


Simple Church

The Scriptures give us all we need for church mission, vision, growth, and discipleship. We will be obedient and faithful, trusting God to use the Word, sacrament, and prayer to shape us into the image of Christ.


We prioritize ministries where children, youth, singles, married couples, widows, all grow together. While demographic separated ministries have their place, our primary ministries seek to keep families and friends together.

Our children's ministry (in development) takes place during the latter half of the worship service, and intentionally incorporates family-focused engagement throughout the week.



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