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Always a New Beginning....

Founding Elder Danny Offenbacker was ushered into the presence of the Lord in 2010. Danny's passion for the ministry was unparalleled. Danny had a special message for us about our name:

Notice New Beginnings is plural. We must never become complacent, comfortable, and stagnant with our mission as a church. We should always be looking for that next new beginning. (Paraphrased)

God has, in many ways, kept our church on the move. We want to be a part of your new beginning, so come find our what we're all about!

Founded in 2004 in a 2 car garage...

Our first pastor, Carl Rentschler, was called out of retirement to help our fledging church get established.
Our founding Elders were Pastor Carl, Harvey Garrison, Harry Nessler, and Danny Offenbacker. We met in Pastor Carl and Sonja's home.
They were important and formative times that set the tone for our church's culture and made memories to last a lifetime. Carl was ushered into glory in 2007 just months before we would be moving to a new location.
From 2008-2020 the church owned a building along Glassboro Road in Woodbury Heights. Our ministry in Woodbury Heights brought the small group of friends through to a growing church that welcomed Pastor Dan Williams as Church Planter/Pastor as we came under BFC Church Extension Ministries. Pastor Dan led the congregation into growth, maturity, and helped us graduate and become a particular church in the BFC.
In 2014, we called our first Associate Pastor, Tim Nessler (a Woodbury Heights native). Tim had been a charter member since 2004, and was brought on to assist with various pastoral duties. In 2016, Pastor Dan was called to minister in Blandon, PA at Trinity BFC. Pastor Tim was soon called as the Pastor of NBBFC.

In 2020, in the midst of the COVID pandemic, God was gracious to allow us to sell our property in Woodbury Heights to alleviate debt and secure the church's financial future.

Temporarily, the church returned to meet in our original location in Mantua, "The Garage."

In March 2023, NBBFC returned to Woodbury Heights, this time meeting in the firehouse. We are excited to be back in our hometown!

All to the Glory of God.
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